Full audit

Using blockchain provides you with an immutable, full audit of any changes to your lists – what was changed, who changed it, and when it was changed.

Tamper proof

Shared lists are are validated against the blockchain. This ensures that they have not been tampered with and represent a true up to date version.


Cygnetise does not own the database that your lists are held on. Copies of the database are distributed across multiple nodes in multiple locations.

To learn more about why we use blockchain at Cygnetise, read a blog from the CEO.


Download the Technical Product Overview


Cygnetise has arrived at a pioneering idea, implementing blockchain to replace the antiquated processes of managing authorised signatories. This simple but powerful application of blockchain appears to be a great solution to a real problem, faced by many businesses.
— Eitan Jankelewitz, Partner at Sheridans

Exploring the compatibility of GDPR and blockchain

Can blockchain and GDPR co-exist? And if so, how? Download the white paper and find out what experts from PwC, NKB Group, Blockchainers and others have to say.