Exploring the compatibility of GDPR and Blockchain

Can blockchain and GDPR co-exist? And if so, how? Download the white paper and find out what experts from PwC, NKB Group, Blockchainers and others have to say.

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Other white papers and reports


Technology and the role of company secretaries: in a chat with

A report investigating how emerging technology such as blockchain and AI could impact the role of governance professionals with a series of interviews to experts in the field. Download now


Blockchain in Action:embracing the potential

This white paper showcases the rich variety of uses to which techUK members have already put the technology, with case studies spanning sectors from insurance, agriculture, education, music and food supply chains to financial services.


Deloitte's 2019 Global Blockchain Survey

Deloitte conducted this survey between February 8 and March 4, 2019, primarily as a research vehicle to gain greater insights into the overall attitudes and investments in blockchain as a technology.


The innovation game: escaping legacy with ned technology

This new paper written by Finextra in association with Finastra examines how banks are addressing their need to innovate. Read more


Futureproofing: Technological innovation, the company secretary and implications for corporate governance by ICSA

A report on how emerging technologies like blockchain and AI will affect the role of company secretaries and other governance professionals. Read more


Blockchain in Action. State of the UK Market by Digital Catapult

This report highlights how the blockchain and DLT landscape in the UK is rapidly evolving and includes inputs from Cygnetise, Dovetail Lab, Applied Blockchain, Everledger and many more. Read more


Blockchain and the GDPR by EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum

A report about blockchain and the data privacy legislation GDPR. The assertion is that GDPR compliance is not about technology. Instead it’s about how the technology is implemented. Read more


Corporate Governance and Blockchains by David Yermack, NYU - Stern School of Business

This essay evaluates the potential implications of the changes blockchain could bring for managers, institutional investors, small shareholders, auditors, and other parties involved in corporate governance. Read more