Cygnetise is industry agnostic and offers benefits to a range of different professionals regardless of how they utilise the platform.



Bank Mandates/Treasury

Changes that are not made promptly to a list, present a fraud risk. Individuals may be able to sign off on payments, procurement, trades until the list is updated.

A treasury team can update a signatory list/ bank mandate in a matter of minutes, and by sharing it using the dynamic link on Cygnetise, their counterparts are immediately notified and can cross check with any requests that they receive.


Download Cygnetise for Bank Mandates overview



Legal Agreements/NDA

When working on a deal over a significant period of time, signatures may need to be checked and re-checked. 

Using Cygnetise, an authorised signatory list can be shared safely and securely by a legal team with necessary parties globally.  Access to the list can be granted for a specific time frame (e.g. a day or week) if necessary when working on a particular deal.


Authorised Traders

With the introduction of MiFID II in January 2018, it is now mandatory to keep an up to date list of Authorised Traders.

In a industry driven by speed, where time is an increasingly valuable commodity, the Cygnetise solution is perfect for improving the way Authorised Trader Lists are maintained and updated.

Industries benefitting from Cygnetise


✓  Fund Administrators

✓  Investment Banking

✓  Insurance

✓  Local Authorities

✓  Hedge Funds

✓  Real Estate


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