Step 1 – Create an Entity

When you login you should be on the Your Profile page. Click on Create Entity in the menu bar at the top.

CYG entity 1.png

You will be taken to a screen to register the entity details. The only mandatory field is the Entity Name.

CYG entity 2.png

Once you have clicked Register then the entity will move into pending.

All entities created are authorised by Cygnetise. We cannot have people creating entities that they are not responsible for.

The entity created will be shown under pending approval.

CYG entity 3.png

When Cygnetise has approved the entity it will move out of Pending Approval and into the Entities section.

CYG entity 4.png

Step 2 – Create a Signatory

Simply click on the entity you created. At the bottom it informs you that you have no signatories and invites you to add one.

CYG signatory 1.png

Only the fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Once you have completed it simply click Save Details.

CYG signatory 2.png

The details have been saved. To upload their signature image simply click on upload on the right hand side under the blank signature image.

CYG signatory 3.png

In the upload screen you click on Add Signature, then select the appropriate .jpg or .png file. Then click on upload.

CYG signatory 4.png

When you look at the entity you can see the signatory and image has been added.

CYG signatory 5.png

If you have any questions or issues during this process, please contact Alex Walton at or +44 (0) 203 598 3808.

To learn more, you can also visit our Tutorial Videos page.