Public vs Private Blockchains

You learned what is blockchain and that blockchain is not Bitcoin. The next step, and probably one of the most asked questions, is the difference between private and public blockchains. 

With the infographic below, our intent is to illustrate and simplify the two concepts, see what they have in common and how they differ one from another. Take a look!

Public vs Private Blockchain.png

In summary.

In the public blockchains, such as the bitcoin blockchain, there is no central individual or organisation with the authority or ability to make claims of control or ownership. Anyone can join a public blockchain and become part of the consensus. No single individual or organisation is responsible for it.

Private blockchains use the same technology principles, however they are individually or corporately designed and operated. Permissions are required to join the network. This can include being ‘invite only’. The protocol or operating system of a private blockchain can be amended by the operator.

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