The GDPR and Blockchain Paradox

GDPR and blockchain: the similarities and the differences between the legislation and the technology explained in a comprehensive infographic.

We recently published a white paper on the topic and asked experts from PwC, NBK Group and others, their opinion on the compatibility of GDPR and blockchain. Read below what Gary Nutall from Dystlytics, listed as one of the Top 100 Blockchain Influencers, has to say:

“Before you determine the effect of GDPR and blockchain we need to look very closely at what would be put onto a (well designed) blockchain to see if it even falls within the GDPR remit. As an example, if someone puts a name & address and phone number of an EEA citizen on a blockchain then this is clearly within the scope. But if we only have a cryptographic hash of that data does that still apply? (probably). What about if we instead put only a key on the blockchain and this references data held elsewhere, on a database or file storage, distributed or otherwise?”

To find out more, download the white paper here.