Cygnetise is a decentralised platform built on the blockchain that makes the process of managing authorised signatory lists efficient and secure. By using our technology, organisations dramatically mitigate the risk of fraud and save over 90% of admin time and costs.

Currently used in 10 jurisdictions, our clients include Aviva, Transport for London, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, Ogier, Collas Crill Trust, R&H Fund Services, and many more.


To have more corporations on our private blockchain than any other

The vision

I) To create a useful application that is easily adopted by businesses

II) To incrementally build out a blockchain ecosystem with the existing users, adding more functionality and more products

The mission



8 employees


About Steve Pomfret, CEO and Founder.

Steve has spent the majority of his career working within operational change within large banks and brokers, including Credit Suisse, UBS, Instinet and Deutsche Bank. He has acted as an internal consultant, troubleshooting areas to improve efficiency and minimise risk. Areas covered include emerging markets, investment banking, custody, fund administration, wealth management, trade finance and corporate banking.

As well as the UK, he has spent time working in the US, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and most recently 3.5 years in Russia.

As CEO of Cygnetise he has delivered a live, commercial Blockchain application. Cygnetise is one of the first uses of Blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies used across multi industry sectors. He is skilled in Blockchain, Securities, Management, Risk Management, Equities, Financial Middle Office, and Derivatives. A strong professional with a BEng (honours) in Civil Engineering.


Cygnetise is Startup of the Month in the July edition of IBS Journal

Cygnetise is the winner of the 2018 Personal Investment Management & Financial Association's (PIMFA) Fintech Competition

Cygnetise wins Most Efficient Blockchain-based Application Software 2018

Cygnetise joins Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)

Cygnetise is available on Temenos MarketPlace

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